Audio Sermons
Intorduction to 1 Peter
The Trinity in Salvation
The Tablecloth of Grace
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Abounding Peace
Hope Beyond Hope
How Precious Is Your Faith?
Church For the REST of Us! - What It Means
Elijah Was a Man, Just Like Us
Visions Big Enough for the Next Generation
Unpacking Our Salvation - Grace
Unpacking Our Salvation - Time and Circumstances
Unpacking Our Salvation - Christ's Sufferings
The Glories Beyond (EASTER)
Therefore - Part 1a, Taking Every Thought Captive
Therefore - Part 1
Therefore - Part 2, The "G" in God Does Not
Stand for Gepetto
Therefore - Part 3, We've Only Just Begun
Here's How!
You Are More Valuable Than You Might Think
God's Word for the REST of Us!
Take Off Those Rags!
Put On Those Righteous Robes
Rocking Your Foundation
Living Stones
Called to the Priesthood of God
But You Are Chosen
Stranger on a Journey
The Holy Spirit is My Broker
Why We Fly Kites in This Church
How A Christian Should Do Politics
Take This Job and LOVE It
Jesus, The Model Sufferer
Wives, Husbands, and All - Pt.1
Wives, Husbands, and All - Pt. 2
Wives, Husbands, and All - Pt. 3
Loving Life
What Good Is Doing Good?
Why We Can and Should Suffer for
Doing Good
She Say, He Say, They Say...But What Say
You? - A Christmas Message
Worshipping Our Way Into 2019
Four A's To Being Like Christ
How to Behave When the End is Near - Pt. 1
How to Behave When the End is Near - Pt. 2
1 Peter Sermon
A Sermon
Explaining the
"REST" of the Story.
"Stand Alone"
The Church House Before the Roundhouse
What About the Sinner?
So Then...
Authority or Influence?
Obligated to God - Dewey Moede
The Weapon of Humility
He Himself Will Do It
The Kingdom of God
Easter 2019 Sermon
Easter 2019: Let Him
Appear to You
The Kingdom of God:
Sower and Seed
Small Beginnings Are OK
This Little Light of Mine
Father's Day 2019
Samson: Failure or
Man of Faith?
Wheat and Tares
Go "Yeast", Child,
Go "Yeast"
Treasure Hunting
That Matters
Good Fish. Bad Fish.
What Fish Are You?
2 Timothy 3
But Mark This!
Look In the Mirror and Don't
Forget - Pt. 1
Look In the Mirror and Don't
Forget - Pt. 2
Look In the Mirror and Don't
Forget - Pt. 3
Look In the Mirror and Don't
Forget - Pt. 4
Living in These Perilous Times
The People of 2 Timothy 3
God Breathed and Useful
Work Is a Four Letter Word
Good Works Anyone Can Do
Kicking Off 2020
You've Never Been This Way Before
A New Perspective
Being Before Doing
Pour Out the Stale Water
Broken Cisterns and Flowing Rivers
Daily Vitamins
Job - A Life of Hope
Amazing Greats
When Tragedy Stikes
When Tragedy Strikes - Again
This Thing I Fear
Our Mighty God
What Is Man?
Palm Sunday 2020
Enter - the King!
Easter Sunday 2020
Have You "Saw" the
Infinitely More
Just the Beginning
More In You
The Foundation For Infinitely More
Are You Ready for a Miracle of
Infinitely More?
I Will
Meet the Holy Spirit
Come Alive! - Pentecost Sunday
Righteousness and Justice
Will We Live Again?
We Can Because of Jesus
God Is Greater!
One Another
Love One Another
God Cannot Be Stopped
Devoted to One Another
Encourage One Another
Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss
Do Not Do These to One Another
Be Compassionate With One
The Road to Humility With One
Wash One Another's Feet
The Salt of Peace With One Another
Accept One Another
A Spiritual Checkup
The Love of Burden Bearing For
One Another
Sing to One Another
Wait On One Another
Make It About One Another
2021 Series
What's Ahead Is Better Than
What's Behind
Press On
Introduction to Hebrews
Christ: Superior to All, Pt. 1
Christ: Superior to All, Pt. 2
Don't Drift
Don't Neglect